The PMBOK Refresher

Generally Recognized Project Management Knowledge and Practice

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  1. What is the justification for including a particular knowledge as part of the PMBOK Guide?
    • Justification is based on whether or not the knowledge is “generally recognized” as “good [project management] practice.”
  2. What is meant when a particular knowledge and practice is “generally recognized?”
    • It is a consensus about its value, usefulness, and applicability to most projects most of the time. The consensus was established among individuals who were involved in writing the PMBOK Guide.
  3. What does “good practice” mean?
    • It is a consensus that the application of particular knowledge, process, skill, tool, and technique can improve the chance of success over many projects.
  4. What does “good practice” not mean?
    • It does not mean that the knowledge, processes, skills, tools, and techniques should always be applied uniformly to all projects.
  5. Who is responsible for determining what is appropriate for a project?
    • The organization and/or team who is managing the project.