The PMBOK Refresher

Project Management Ethics and Professional Conduct

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  1. Which Project Management Institute (PMI) document guides and sets expectations for individuals who practice project management?
    • The Project Management Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  2. What four personal characteristics is the code of ethics and conduct specific about?
    1. The basic obligation of responsibility.
    2. The basic obligation of respect.
    3. The basic obligation of fairness.
    4. The basic obligation of honesty.
  3. What is meant by committing to the obligation of responsibility?
    • To comply with laws, regulations, organizational policies, and professional policies.
  4. What is meant by committing to respect, fairness, and honesty?
    • They are to be used when interacting with project stakeholders.
  5. Before taking a PMI examination, is it required to accept the code of ethics and professional conduct?
    • Yes.