The PMBOK Refresher

What are the Relationships between Organizations and Project Management?

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  1. What business practice is used by an organization to establish strategic direction and performance parameters?
    • Organizational governance.
  2. What is organizational governance?
    • Policies and the monitoring of their implementation by the members of the governing body of an organization.
  3. Strategic direction provides governing policies. What four governing policies are provided by strategic direction?
    1. Strategic purpose.
    2. Strategic expectations.
    3. Strategic objectives.
    4. Strategic actions.
  4. What is the purpose of strategic direction?
    • To guide an organization’s pursuit of their strategic objectives.
  5. What is business strategic direction?
    • It defines long-term purpose, expectations, objectives, and actions for an organization.
  6. How is strategic direction implemented?
    • It is implemented through organizational governance.
  7. What should project management activities be aligned with?
    • Top-level business [strategic] direction.
  8. What happens to project activities when the business direction changes?
    • The project’s objectives need to be re-aligned with the new business direction.
  9. Name two project parameters that can be affected when a project’s objectives are changed.
    1. Project efficiency.
    2. Project success.
  10. In the context of business strategic direction, what greatly increases a project’s chance to succeed?
    • When the project’s objectives are constantly aligned with business strategic direction.
  11. When strategic direction changes, how should project direction change?
    • Project objectives should change to remain aligned with strategic direction.