The PMBOK Refresher

Relationships Between Project, Operations, and Organizational Strategy

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  1. What is a business operation?
    • A permanent (on-going) activity that is necessary for achieving organizational objectives.
  2. What is the main difference between a business operation and a project?
    • A business operation is a permanent activity while a project is a temporary activity.
  3. May a business operation change over time?
    • Yes.
  4. What is the responsibility of operations management?
    • To oversee, direct, and control a business operation.
  5. Although projects are temporary, how can they help an organization achieve its objectives?
    • By aligning themselves with the organization’s objectives.
  6. What is a strategic business initiative?
    • An act that changes a business operation, product, service, or system.
  7. How is a strategic business initiative implemented?
    • Through projects.
  8. What are the requirements of a project as compared with a business operation?
    1. A project requires project management activities and the skills to support those activities.
    2. A business operation requires business process management activities, operations management activities, and the skills that support those activities.