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Relationship Between Project Management and Organizational Strategy

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  1. Why does project management depend on organizational strategy?
    • Project management depends on organizational strategy as a source for guidance and direction.
  2. Why does organizational strategy depend on projects?
    • Organizational strategy depends on projects as a process for achieving and fulfilling strategic objectives.
  3. From which three individuals may a project manager depend on information about their project’s alignment or conflict with organizational strategies?
    1. Project sponsor.
    2. Portfolio manager.
    3. Program manager.
  4. If project goals are in conflict with organizational strategy, what two courses of action must a project manager do as soon as possible?
    1. Identify the conflicts.
    2. Document the conflicts.
  5. Other than the typical relationship between projects and organizational strategy, what is another relationship that exists between the two?
    • The “creation of organizational strategy” depends on projects. Meaning, instead of organizational strategy as the guiding principle for a project, it can be the objective of the project to create organizational strategy.
  6. What is the project objective when creating organizational strategy?
    • To define what constitutes an appropriate strategy that will sustain the organization.