The PMBOK Refresher

Understanding How Project Portfolio Management Adds Business Value

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  1. To optimize portfolio value, portfolio management collectively aligns its projects, programs, and operations to what?
    • Portfolio-level organizational strategy.
  2. To optimize portfolio value, name seven portfolio elements that are managed collectively.
    1. All portfolio objectives.
    2. All portfolio dependencies.
    3. All portfolio costs.
    4. All portfolio schedule time-lines.
    5. All portfolio benefits.
    6. All portfolio resources.
    7. The reduction of all portfolio risks.
  3. How may portfolio management optimize those seven elements?
    1. By aligning each element with portfolio-level organizational strategy.
    2. By optimizing the relationships between portfolio elements.
  4. Name three benefits provided by the portfolio overall view.
    1. An overall view of how strategic goals are reflected in the portfolio.
    2. An overall view of how to institute appropriate governance management in the portfolio.
    3. An overall view of how to allocate resources in the portfolio.