The PMBOK Refresher

What are the Competencies of the Project Manager?

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  1. What five resources are used for managing projects?
    1. Project management knowledge.
    2. Project management processes.
    3. Project management skills.
    4. Project management tools.
    5. Project management techniques.
  2. The five resources used for managing projects are also called what?
    • Project management good practices.
  3. What are the ten project management processes?
    1. Project Integration Management
    2. Project Scope Management
    3. Project Time Management
    4. Project Cost Management
    5. Project Quality Management
    6. Project Human Resource Management
    7. Project Communications Management
    8. Project Risk Management
    9. Project Procurement Management
    10. Project Stakeholder Management
  4. Is a project always limited to these ten project management processes?
    • No.
  5. Must a project always use each and every project management process?
    • No.
  6. For a particular project management process, must a project incorporate all of its subprocesses?
    • No.
  7. For a particular project management process, may you incorporate a needed unique and specialized subprocesses not mentioned by PMBOK?
    • Yes.
  8. May a particular project management process be a professional field or area of specialization?
    • Yes.
  9. Name the five primary (high-level) topics in PMBOK that define project management knowledge?
    1. "Introductory topics" as described by Chapter 1.
    2. Topics about "organizational influences and project life cycle" as described by Chapter 2.
    3. Topics about "project management processes" as described by Chapters 3 through 13.
    4. Topics about "the standard for project management of a project" as described by Annex A1.
    5. Topics about "interpersonal skills" as described by Appendix X3.
  10. Which four primary (high-level) topics in PMBOK define project management skills?
    1. Skills described by each project management process.
    2. Skills described by Appendix X3, “Interpersonal Skills.”
    3. Skills needed to operate various project management tools.
    4. Skills needed to manage various project management planning techniques.
  11. What is meant by project management techniques?
    • The various types of project management planning and execution techniques.
  12. What is meant by project management tools?
    • The various tools a project manager needs for executing project management processes.
    • It can be any type tool, specialized or not, that can enable you to manage a project. For example, but not limited to, tools for handling communications, task identification, scheduling, prioritizing, assignment, project forms, records, documents, and so on.
  13. Name the three fundamental capabilities of a project manager?
    1. Having the “knowledge” of project management good practices.
    2. Able to “execute” (perform) project management good practices.
    3. Able to be “personally effective” in executing project management good practices.
  14. What is meant by “knowledge” of project management good practices?
    • It refers to what the project manager knows about project management.
  15. What is meant by “execute” or “perform” project management good practices?
    • It refers to what the project manager is able to accomplish while applying their knowledge about project management.
  16. What is meant by “personally effective” in executing project management good practices?
    • It refers to how the project manager behaves when performing the project, achieving project objectives, and balancing the project constraints. For example, behavior that involves personal attitude, core characteristics, and leadership.
  17. Are the three fundamental capabilities sufficient enough to effectively manage a project?
    • No.
  18. Other than the three fundamental capabilities specific to the discipline of project management, what two other capabilities are needed to effectively manage a project?
    1. Having general knowledge or area-specific skills about the field in which the project will operate.
    2. Having general management capabilities.
  19. Which two human resources does a project manager use to accomplish project work?
    1. Project Team
    2. Project Stakeholders
  20. What three skills are needed by a project manager to analyze situations and behave appropriately?
    1. Ethical Skills
    2. Interpersonal Skills
    3. Conceptual Skills
  21. What document describes a project manager’s code of ethics?
    • The Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  22. What are the four basic ethical obligations described by the code?
    1. An obligation to be responsible in their behavior.
    2. An obligation to be respectful in their behavior.
    3. An obligation to be fair in their behavior.
    4. An obligation to be honest in their behavior.
  23. What are the four basic regulatory obligations described by the code?
    1. An obligation to comply with laws.
    2. An obligation to comply with regulations.
    3. An obligation to comply with organizational policies.
    4. An obligation to comply with professional policies.
  24. What are the eleven interpersonal skills defined by Appendix X3, “Interpersonal Skills.”
    1. Leadership
    2. Team Building
    3. Motivation
    4. Communication
    5. Influencing
    6. Decision Making
    7. Political and Cultural Awareness
    8. Negotiation
    9. Trust Building
    10. Conflict Management
    11. Coaching
  25. What is meant by conceptual skills for analyzing situations and interactions appropriately?
    • The understanding of what is human interaction and how it works.