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The PMBOK Refresher

Are you a professional needing to sharpen and maintain your knowledge about project management? The PMBOK Refresher is for you. Nothing else exists that provides the same depth of coverage about that profession's standard guide: The Project Management Body of Knowledge, published by the Project Management Institute, also known as the PMBOK® Guide. The PMBOK Refresher is an online study guide written in a practical and easy to use question and answer format; it’s a valuable resource for any professional.

Programming the 16-Bit MSP430 Microntroller

This guide is written in simple English that explains how to get started and program the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. The engineer, student, and hobbyist will find it as a practical resource for learning how to make this device control lights, sensors, motors, actuators, displays, and connectivity through the Internet.

Architectural Guide to Blockchain Systems Engineering

Blockchain is proving to be a reliable and trusted technology for recording transactions, ownership, events, and important matters that an organized society depends upon. This guide is for individuals who need to learn about, design, build, and manage blockchain systems.

Available fourth quarter of 2017.